Yumeji Takehisa used to live here

Over the bicycle, you can see a monument. It reads “former house of Yumeji Takehisa”

竹久夢二 – Wikipedia(Japanese)

The Yumeji Art Museum is dedicated to Yumeji Takehisa (1884–1934), who became one of the most famous leading Japanese painters during the Taisho era. He also played an active role as a poet and illustrator.
–via Yumeji Takehisa

Yumeji Takehisa (竹久 夢二 Takehisa Yumeji?, September 16, 1884 – September 1, 1934), was a Japanese poet and painter. He also painted in the Nihonga style.
–via Yumeji Takehisa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

竹久夢二 – Google image search

This place is in the middle of Shibuya downtown and today we seldom see residential. My mother in her 80’s told me Shibuya used to be a small town but it grew in a few decades.

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