Biclo is a united store of Uniqlo flagship store and Bic Camera. I suppose no synergy effect can be expected about it and it’s only a topic maker, but they keep running this store for years.

I myself does not feel like purchasing here. First, I am more sympathec about Yodobashi Camera than Bic Camera. Second, this Uniqlo flagship store is so crowded and hard to find a clerk who can attend me. Third, most items here can be found in any Uniqulo store.

Sound of “Biclo” is similar to the word “bikkuri” in Japanese language, which means “Surprised”. True, we were surprised at first but I am not impressed so much now.

Biclo at Shinjuku

Photo spec

NEX-5N + E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Date2015/12/29 11:19:06
Exposure time 1/1000
F Number 1.8
ISO 6400


Mojica Bicycle Tokyo Map