Tokyu-Hands is a stylish DIY shop. “Tokyu” is “Tokyo Kyuko” ie, “Tokyo Express”, railway company. Tokyu group had a building in a corner of shibuya, but the building was wierd estate. It stands amidst of slope. Small floor was connected each other with short stairs, just like a cascade. Or you may imagine a spiral staircase which has 21 different landing. They wondered how they can take most of this wiered building.

They decided to build up a new DIY brand and it was successful.

I really love Tokyu-Hands, and in my school days I used to walk down from the top floor to bottom, cascading each floor. They have party toys, stationaries, cards, bicycles, bags, materials, tools… I can’t count them up.

This photo was taken at the bottom of the slope. From here, You can go in B2F of Tokyu-Hands, or go up the slope to enter 1st/Ground Floor of it.

In front of Tokyu-Hands Shibuya

Photo spec

SONY NEX-5N + E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Date 2015/12/03 13:32:11
Exposure time 1/800
F Number 1.8
ISO 400


Mojica Bicycle Tokyo Map