ginkgo tree, Koen-dory, Shibuya

a ginkgo tree in Shibuya

note : At first edition of this entry, I believed it is a ginkgo tree but a kind reader indicated this is a japanese acer.

To tell the truth, I am not knowledgeable about plants.  Now that you mention it,  it looks different from the ginkgo tree I saw in the university( this was definitely a ginkgo because they had guin-nan).

I feel embarrassed and apologize my mistake.  So please kindly understand  this entry is based on my mistakes.

This place is a top of a slope leading from Shibuya Station to Harajuku Station, named Koen-Dori(ie. Park Street). Small publick toilet is behind the tree. NHK(→NHK – Wikipedia), and Yoyogi park is near.

In autumn, ginkgo(in Japanese, 銀杏 ichou) leaves turn yellow and we appreciate it. In spring we appreciate cherry blossom, in autumn, ginkgo.

One confusing thing about “銀杏”. If you read this “ichou”, it means leaves or trees of ginkgo. On the other hand, if you read 銀杏 as “guin-nan”, it means the berry of ginkgo. When I see “銀杏” in Japanese writing, I always wonder whick it means.
Guin-nan, berry of gingko, smells stinky but some people like to cook it and eat. Don’t worry, it’s not stinky once coocked.

Koen-Dori is a fashionable shopping street. Some cafes are also comfortable but don’t expect open seats to street, they are in the building. Apple Store Shibuya is along this street.

Photo spec

ginkgo tree, Koen-dory, Shibuya

SONY NEX–5N + E 50mm F1.8 OSS
Date: 2015/12/03 15:14:19
Exposure Time: 1/800
F Number: 1.8
ISO: 100


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