acer tree in Shibuya

銀杏: ginkgo tree in Shibuya

a ginkgo tree in Shibuya note : At first edition of this entry, I believed it is a ginkgo tree but a kind reader indicated this is a japanese…

downtown, Shinjuku

downtown in Shinjuku

Be careful about barkers First I would like to say some excuse. I never expected this lady into the frame. I kept my camera, was waiting for the…


Bank at Shimura-Saka-Ue

Years ago, Major banks based in Tokyo are reformed / conbined. Mitsubishi-Tokyo- UFJ bank is a conbination of 3 banks, Mitsubishi-bank, Tokyo bank and UFJ bank. It’s a…

vocational training school

Do not park a bicycle here

Subtitle Near the station Ukima-Funado, there is a vocational training school. This photo is taken just outside of its gate. You can see a sign saying “駐輪禁止 (Do…

Music cafe "麦 mugi"

Music cafe “麦 mugi”

In 1980’s or older Japan, music cafe was popular. Record player was too expensive so people liked to visit music cafe and enjoyed unique choice of the cafe….

2014-04-06 Tama river, Tokyo

2014-04-06 Tama-gawa, Tokyo

PARACUP: Run for children in the world I used to participate a volunteer staff of a charity marathon race, PARACUP. The man in this photo is a member…

Blue bicycle on blue line

2013-04-20 Komazawa-park, Tokyo; A father training his son for riding a bicycle

Komazawa This day, I attended a photo workshop. The attendants were seperated into groups by 5 or 6 people and went our for taking photo. This day, our…


2016-02-04 Skewers

This display, you can read in 2 different ways.


2015-12-03, Shibuya, Tokyo monument for “former house of Yumeji Takehisa”

Yumeji Takehisa used to live here Over the bicycle, you can see a monument. It reads “former house of Yumeji Takehisa” →竹久夢二 – Wikipedia(Japanese) The Yumeji Art Museum…

bicycle atHelsinki

Mojica(文字禍) and Bicycle(自転車)

This is mogami74’s photo blog. I am trying to publish this blog in English half for non-Japanese people, half for improving my English. A classic musician said that…