PARACUP: Run for children in the world

I used to participate a volunteer staff of a charity marathon race, PARACUP.

The man in this photo is a member of the volunteer staff.  He is very relaxed and enjoying his responsibility for the marathon race.   He rode on the bicycle to go areas to and flo along with the running course.

2014-04-06 Tama river, Tokyo

Tama-gawa(Tama river) runs between Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture.
多摩川 – Wikipedia

Kawasaki city stands at the mouth of Tama-gawa, Kanagawa side.   It is a major Factory area and used to be known for it’s air pollution.  When I was a boy in the elementary school, several times in a year we got warning of photochemical smog and the school was dismissed.  Nowadays air pollution is strongly restricted and rarely we get such a warning.

Photo spec

SONY NEX–5N + E 18–200mm F3.5–6.3
Exposure time: 1/400
F Number: 10
ISO: 200