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Blue bicycle on blue line

2013-04-20 Komazawa-park, Tokyo; A father training his son for riding a bicycle

Komazawa This day, I attended a photo workshop. The attendants were seperated into groups by 5 or 6 people and went our for taking photo. This day, our…


2016-02-04 Skewers

This display, you can read in 2 different ways.


2015-12-03, Shibuya, Tokyo monument for “former house of Yumeji Takehisa”

Yumeji Takehisa used to live here Over the bicycle, you can see a monument. It reads “former house of Yumeji Takehisa” →竹久夢二 – Wikipedia(Japanese) The Yumeji Art Museum…

bicycle atHelsinki

Mojica(文字禍) and Bicycle(自転車)

This is mogami74’s photo blog. I am trying to publish this blog in English half for non-Japanese people, half for improving my English. A classic musician said that…